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Providing you with the best service and the best insurance coverage are two of the main priorities at Raúl Rivas.

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Medifiatc thinks about your well-being:

  • 15,000 professionals and 350 centers at your disposal
  • All medical specialties
  • No copayments
  • Reduction of waiting periods if you come from another provider
  • Discounts based on the number of insured individuals
  • Well-being in the Wellness Club

Your health doesn’t understand schedules or waiting, nor does it know what copayment means. With MEDIFIATC health insurance, you can visit any of our medical professionals and centers for check-ups, consultations, tests, interventions, and treatments without additional payments, enjoying the benefits of private medicine and the guarantee of Spain’s third-largest mutual insurance company.

Your health is part of your daily life, so the coverage and services of Medifiatc health insurance aim to improve your well-being and quality of life.

Additionally, learn about the benefits of the FIATC Health Club included in Medifiatc health insurance.

With Medifiatc health insurance, you’ll also get a second medical opinion, discounts based on the number of insured individuals and payment methods, and we’ll eliminate or reduce waiting periods if you come from another provider.

Don’t hesitate any longer and get Medifiatc health insurance.


Protect your loved ones as you want, ensuring their well-being. Life insurance offers protection against the negative impacts on their standard of living and financial stability in the event of an accident.

  • Basic Coverages

Death. Guarantees the payment of a sum to the beneficiaries in the event of the insured’s death from any cause.

  • Optional Coverages

Total and permanent disability. Guarantees the early payment of the sum if the insured suffers total and permanent disability preventing them from working.

Double sum in case of death or disability due to an accident.

Triple sum in case of death or disability due to a traffic accident.

Serious illnesses. Guarantees the early payment of the contracted sum (50% or 100%) if the insured suffers a serious illness (cancer, stroke, acute myocardial infarction, kidney failure, coronary artery disease requiring surgery, and organ transplant).


Enjoy the sea with complete peace of mind.

Two options: mandatory insurance or extended coverage.

  • Coverage for damages, civil liability, and accidents. Nautical assistance.
  • Special coverage for specific activities and wider navigation areas.

More information:

A recreational boat insurance protects you from risks such as: Losses or damages to the boat itself.

Occupants’ accidents resulting in death, injuries, medical assistance.

It also allows you to have nautical assistance.

What does the FIATC recreational boat insurance offer you?

  • In addition to the ones already mentioned, you have special coverages.

  • Specific activities.

  • Broader navigation areas.

  • Personal effects.


Your home is more than just a property, which is why you need to protect it with the best home insurance.

Choose your optimal level of protection: Basic or Plus

  • Specific guarantees depending on whether you are an owner, landlord, or tenant.
  • 24-hour, 365-day assistance.
  • Home repair service, appliance breakdown, telephone medical guidance…
  • Replacement of locks and keys in case of theft or loss.
  • Price advantages if you have security measures in place.

An assistance service always at your disposal with funeral insurance.

  • High-quality funeral service
  • Management of burial procedures
  • Legal advice and protection
  • National or international repatriation of the deceased to the place of burial
  • Preparation of wills and living wills online
  • Management of digital end-of-life affairs
  • Travel assistance abroad
  • Constant premium increase (level) or by age
  • Community and Building Insurance.
  • Commerce Insurance.
  • Pension Plans.
  • Guaranteed Provision Plan (PPA).
  • Motorcycle Insurance.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Dog Liability Insurance.
  • Car Insurance.
  • Ski Insurance.
  • Accident Insurance.
  • Civil and Professional Liability Insurance.
  • We take care of your horse.
  • Caravan Insurance.
  • Hunting Insurance.
  • Move with total freedom and peace of mind.
  • Dental Insurance.
  • Rent Default Insurance.
  • Hospitalization and Surgery Compensation Insurance.
  • Industrial Insurance.
  • Invercapital: Investment Insurance.
  • Individual Systematic Savings Plan (PIAS).

Raúl Rivas

Insurance Sales Expert

Active since 2012 and with extensive previous experience in personal Health, Life, and Funeral insurances, always seeking a tailored solution for each insured individual, providing the necessary assistance at every stage of their life.

Our professionalism and commitment have led to a constant increase in our client portfolio to this day. Therefore, we prioritize constant attention to the insured, through various means and at any time of the day.



Our new product. Private car leasing is the easiest way to enjoy a vehicle. Discover the smart way to have a car. No unexpected expenses or complications. Raúl Rivas presents you this product with the coverage and guarantees of comprehensive insurance.

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Jose Alemán
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natalia baptista
Trato familiar, atento y de calidad, con profesionales así da gusto!!
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Juan Trigueros
La mejor manera de estar tranquilo con cualquier tipo de seguros.... hogar, decesos, etc. Es con una atención personalizada y cordial. Sin lugar a dudas Seguros Raúl Rivas.
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Bea Acevedo arrabal
Muy buena experiencia, trato excelente!
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marta Rico
Disponibilidad inmediata. Trato excepcional. Información clara y precisa. Resuelve todas las dudas.
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Mario Rico
Gran profesional y conocedor de su sector. Recomendado 100%.
Modas Emporium Nerja
Modas Emporium Nerja
Trato excelente. Siempre están para cualquier duda que tengas. Y los más importante para mi es que siempre contestan al teléfono, no un contestador automático.

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